Ever wanted to identify the color of something you've seen? Ever been coding a web site or style sheet and needed to get the HTML code for a color?

Vibrant is a fully featured color picker/color chooser for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It gives you all the tools that a designer needs to identify and manage colors and color themes while on the go. Take a photo of your target with the integrated camera (iPhone only), pinch and drag the crosshair to select a color, spin the color wheel and slide the sliders to adjust your color and tap the star button to save your new color in the palette.

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Identify colors from your Photo Library, or from the integrated camera on an iPhone, change color sample size by pinching and zooming

Pick new colors or adjust colors with the color wheel. Flick, slide, spin - choosing a color never felt so good.


Work with web? Vibrant lets you view and enter HTML color codes, so you can easily use the colors you've chosen on the web.

Browse and save four types of color harmonies: Analogous, Monochrome, Triad and Square


Store and save any number of colors in to a palette, view color palette colors with sample box and HTML Code, easily rearrange or delete colors

Vibrant never forgets. You can quit at any time, and whenever you come back you'll be right where you were before, every detail saved.